Living to Leave a Legacy
  and  Sin to Salvation

  Steps to a successful living...........

                           "Sin to Salvation" is an autobiography of my life and how I was running from God. If anyone ever said they never enjoyed the pleasures of sin they are a liar. In my life I had everything I needed and wanted growing up , but still decided that wasn't enough. I wanted to expericence life on my own at a young age. I beacme very promiscuous and started using drugs, alcohol, I became an lesbian and turn my life away from God. After  ten yrs. of being in a vicious cycle. I came to the knowledge there was know other way, with out God! I found my purpose in life a destiny and stopped wasting valuable time. This a must read tell all, know holds bar tranparency book!! The reason why I created it like this; First, God told me too and second to let the world know there is hope after sin. Don't underestimate yourself!! If I can change you can too!! I hope this book changes your life forever.

              Thank you so much for you support and I love you! Remember we're 

                      " Living to Leave a Legacy" 



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