Living to Leave a Legacy
  and  Sin to Salvation

  Steps to a successful living...........

                          Insanity is to keep doing the same thing over and over expecting to get different results!  I did not know I was in a vicious cycle, until I got out. Wasting time was my agenda, but God had other plans for my life!! Some events in my life had to happen, so I could help someone else that is going through the same situation. Every trial only made me better at the end! We only get one chance at this life and we have to make it count!!!

          I'm not going to give you to many details about Sin to Salvation; I want you to read it for yourself. My new book which  is Living to Leave a Legacy which will be out in the beginning of 2014. This book will help you take the limits off every area of your life and let God be God!!!

    I'm glad to say now ,after I came out of a pattern of going no where. I'm an author,motivational speaker, license in cosmetology and Associates in business specialized criminal justice. This is just the beginning of things for me!! I'm here to say your life can turn around with Jesus! Don't give up on your dreams, goals and aspirations. If I can change you can too. Sin to Salvation is available at Barnes and Noble, Google (market place), Amazon, Kindle fire, Kobo ebook, Foyles bookstore, Nook ebook and author house. If you are not in the US its also available in the "UK ",,,,,, book

I guarantee you will not be disappointed; you will never be the same after reading it !!!



                                                        LIVING TO LEAVE A LEGACY

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To contact for book signing , public speaking events, schools, group homes, etc. you can email me at [email protected], sintosalvation on fb, LaQuane7 on twitter.

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